Sammalidesign is a one-stop Media Producer company. If you hit the link
though youʼll land directly on our musicvideo production page, cuz thatʼs what Iʼm
promoting here: Music Videos. Youʼre more then welcome to
check out the whole page.

Iʼm afraid, this page only works for German speaking folks.
My wonderful little sisterʼs page. For all vegans and wannabe vegans and
everyone who gives the slightest damn thing about environment, animals an healthy
food, the place to be. If you do speak german, check it out.




This is a combination with an old time friend. The music combines
oldskool hiphop with raggamuffin basically. We just like to think of it as bloodclaat musick.
But hey, if you hear anything on it thatʼs neither, please forgive and forget.
Check it out.

Stevy Sticks ‘n’ Cöffeeman


The Bloodline Codex

There Ainʼt No Fish

I havenʼt decided yet wich one of the two sounds more absurd.


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