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Bass Session
Reggae and Crossover Bass Session at Home. Basslines for Ep One, wich will be released soon. more
New Hardware
We have some new Hardware in Studio. Crate Tube Amp. Blue Vodoo 120. more
Metal Project
Currently we're working on a Metal Project called Realize. Stay tuned. more
Mic Check
Getting ready fe start vocal recording pon tracks. more
Dubplate Session
Positive Vibe Connection Riddim voiced by Falkonection El Amansador @ Coffeeman's Flyin' Studio. Wic more
Creativ Lounge
Coffeeman @ Creative Lounge Mallorca. Vocal Recording Session for Ep One. Nuff Chill Out Space deyah more
The Vibe
A Collaboration with Philla Bada. Guita and Vocals Recording Session. more
Ep One
Tracks are almost ready for Mixing. Session @ B Iron Studios Worb Switzerland. My man Samuel at the more
Hip Hop Project
Creative Sessions with Stevy G. Drum n Piano more
Last Summer in Salento
Cliff Diving with Sammali Crew. Every time something special. more